A cooperation between Hebbel am Ufer and raumlaborberlin
by Christoph Gurk
Tempelhofer Park / ex Flughafen Tempelhof
01 till 24 June 2012
always Thursday/Friday 16.00 to 22.00 h, Saturday/Sonday 14.00 to 22.00 h (permanently open)

The program in detail can be found below.

Check-In A: Haupteingang Oderstraße (U8 Boddinstraße),
Check-In B: Haupteingang Columbiadamm (Bus 104 Friedhöfe)
Check-In C: Haupteingang Tempelhofer Damm (Ringbahn S-Bahnhof Tempelhof, U6 Tempelhof)


andcompany & Co.: World Freud Center
WORLD FREUD CENTER presents “Dr. Fruit & the Vegetables”

It is not by chance that psychoanalysis was founded in 1896, the same year as the “Berlin Industrial Exposition.” Freud saw himself as a Columbus who had only reached the shoreline of a new world: the unconscious. Since then, many explorers have followed. Behind the “Gate to the World” begins the darkness. But where does this journey into the “Heart of Darkness” lead? Into interior foreignness or into foreign interiority? How to distinguish between inside and outside in the time of globalization? If before, goods were the messengers from far-away, foreign lands, which one could marvel at at world’s fairs, they have long taken over the process of colonization and have occupied our consciousness. Their relation to the colonized, however, is like that with the suppressed: it (the ID) keeps coming back.

The theater collective andcompany&Co., in collaboration with the visual artist Jan Brokof & friends, are setting up the “World Freud Center,” a hybrid site operating simultaneously as stage, as exhibition space, and as practice for uncovering and treating disturbed psycho-social contexts. Desires no longer wish to be treated as private patients, but to move freely, interlinking and revolving with one another.
andcompany&Co., along with Tatiana Eva (DJ Obstsalat) & Santiago Blaum, will battle the exoticism of the consumer world by means of a musical-performative exorcism, growing tropical flowers and making all the southern fruits of our northern European subconscious dance. Where the ID is, the WORLD FREUD CENTER should be!

andcompany&Co., an international artists collective, was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2003 by Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, and Sascha Sulimma. Collectively they form an open network that is constantly joined by new artists from various disciplines. Their pieces are arsenals of a history of the 20th and 21st centuries. Utopias and shreds of memory are taken up again and checked for their surplus value. Since 2008, andcompany&Co. have been Artists in Residence at HAU and are currently on tour internationally with their German-Flemish-Dutch co-production “Der (kommende) Aufstand nach Friedrich Schiller” [“The (Coming) Uprising According to Friedrich Schiller”]. [Source]

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