From 28 – 30 September 2012, NORDLICHTER presents a festival that is not limited to specific musical genres but concentrates on the interaction amongst them in the different projects of the festival. A central part of NORDLICHTER is the commissioning of new pieces by young composers from both the Nordic countries and Berlin. Also central to the festival is the close collaboration with Berlin-based artists and ensembles that create a strong connection to the music scene in Berlin and increase the exchange of artists between the participating Nordic and Baltic countries.

NORDLICHTER 2012 relies on new exciting synergies and with thematic lines running through the different projects of the festival. With different partners from the five Nordic countries, own and common productions from acoustically experimental sounding spaces through staged concert performances will form the programme. With the experimental music-theatre-work Screams there will be an important new work featured by the German composer Timo Kreuser in collaboration with Norwegian artists, the result will be presented with 2 performances in the hall of the Radialsystem V.

NORDLICHTER will also present a varied choice of works by the great Danish composer Per Nørgård, whose 80 years birthday in 2012 will be celebrated throughout Europe. There will be different aspects of his life-work on the programme, from chamber music to choral and staged works. As ensemble in residence at NORDLICHTER 2012 the Danish National Vocal Ensemble/DR will be closely connected to ensembles and artists in Berlin and will present many aspects of choral music. Their presence at NORDLICHTER will be the choir’s first performances in Berlin. With the new project Sounding Stories there will be a strong focus on pedagogical work with pupils and students during the festival. In collaboration with different schools in Berlin as well as artists from the Nordic countries ‘Young Composers’ will get the chance to create and present new works they will be composing together with professionals, as well as ‘Young Journalists’ will be inspired to develop there sense of reception on music whilst being coached by professional journalists to write and report about music.

In collaboration with Radialsysetm V and several Nordic festivals the first edition of NORDLICHTER in 2010 was a great success; 35 ensembles and artists from the Nordic countries and Berlin performed and premiered pieces by 15 Nordic and Berlin-based composers. Two focuses for the 2012 edition of NORDLICHTER are the further development of cultural partnerships between Berlin and Nordic cultural actors and festivals as well as an active engagement of young audiences in both artistic production and communication.


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