Generator presents an eclectic mix of talent to stimulate your senses with delight. On the night we paid homage to Berlin and hosted a joyous gathering in the building site of our new Berlin Mitte hostel.

Arising from the foundations to amuse for one night only we lined up some truly talented live street artists and installations, flare and cocktail mixologists, live visuals and strictly vinyl DJs.…


Rouge Mécanique / Rekids // FR
Damien Barras / Traffic // CH


Hicks / Live Art // UK
Cren / Live Art // DE
Tussycats // Live Art // DE

Jamie Shaw / VJ // UK

Barracuda / Cocktails // DE

We celebrated our favorite decade with launching our own boutique fashion exhibition in Generator Copenhagen! Following the non destructible trend of vintage fashion we have teamed up with local boutiques to bring you a potpourri of classic styles and vintage fashion pieces.…

Local partners: The Second Way, Wasteland, FN 92, Carmen Vintage, MariaJot, mania, Frolov Jewelry, PosterLand, ManneQ

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