đŸ‡®đŸ‡¸ Iceland’s most famous murder case returns to court


Over four decades after it began, the world-famous ‘GuĂ°mundur and Geirfinnur case’ is today back at the Supreme Court of Iceland. The case centred on the disappearance of 18-year-old GuĂ°mundur Einarsson in January 1974 and of 32-year-old Geirfinnur Einarsson in November of the same year. Six people went to prison in February 1980 for their murders, but a huge number of questions remained unanswered.

Where were the bodies of the victims? Were the victims related (because they were not family, despite sharing a second name)? Why did more than ten months pass between the disappearances? Why were they murdered? Even the biggest question of all: were they actually murdered at all?

Read the full article on RUV here.

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