🇩🇰 Danish teenagers get lonely if they don’t drink alcohol


Ellen sits on the floor with a bottle in her hand. She turns the lid off, lifts it up to the mouth, takes a sip. The time is 20:30, it is Friday night and there is a party at her high school. Ellen and her girlfriends have just finished second year and they are celebrating. But first, a warm up. Pre party at Ellen’s classmate Beatrice’s palce.

The girlfriends Rosa and Astrid brought a vodka bottle. “Slave vodka”, they call it, as they skip their long legs and drink cocktails. The other girls drink canned beer.

Ellen drinks elderflower juice. She feels left out. In Denmark, you are supposed to drink (a lot of) alcohol.

Photo: Katrine Volsing.

Read the full web feature on DR here.

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